Texas Dealing with Water Shortage

Wichita Falls, Texas looks to be going down the Inevitable path where water is no long as abundant as necessary.  In fact, the town is going to great lengths to preserve their dwindling water supply.

The city of Wichita Falls, Texas, may soon become the first in the country where half of the drinking water comes directly from wastewater.

Yes, that includes water from toilets.

Inevitable takes place after the country has failed in every attempt to preserve its water supply.  As one of the main characters laments:

There were so many efforts to avoid the hard decision that had to be made, but none of them worked. People tried to dam rivers to preserve water, then they undammed them. They tried to let the market raise the price of water, but it was a necessity that people would pay anything for. Then limits were placed on consumption of water per person, but there were always criminals able to get around that. Forced abortions were never politically popular enough, but it was in that discussion that people realized the intelligent answer to the problem.

That inevitable decision may be coming to Texas shortly.


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