FT: A World Without Water

The Financial Times is running a series of articles devoted to the water scarcity problem, focusing on how water scarcity will affect business.  The focus on business is relevant because energy, medicine, and food production all require water.  And we consider each of these necessities to the individual as well.

Today, the Financial Times is focusing on rising water costs affecting energy production.  

Access to water has become one of the most significant business risks for miners, says a report that also highlights the threat to the sector from rising energy costs in some resource-rich areas.


EY, the consultancy, said affordable water and energy should now be viewed as one of the 10 biggest problems for miners. The threat was particularly acute in South America and Africa, it said. These continents are significant in the global supply of many metals, particularly copper.

Click the link for more.  Businesses seem to be ahead of people in realizing that water is not infinite.  Soon something will be rationed.  In Inevitable, by the time these decisions were made it was too late to simply limit water intake.  More had to be done.  



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