National Geographic: Watch the Aquifers

“Nat Geo” has an article up on the pending loss of America’s aquifers, which are an important fresh water resource.  Succinctly put:

Aquifers provide us freshwater that makes up for surface water lost from drought-depleted lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. We are drawing down these hidden, mostly nonrenewable groundwater supplies at unsustainable rates in the western United States and in several dry regions globally, threatening our future.

Inevitable sets out a story of how America will undoubtedly react to this problem, or more accurately fail to react.  Now is the time, but like we see in Inevitable, we have done nothing.  It will take an unmitigated crisis before anyone starts to address the drying Colorado River Basin and the Ogallala Aquifer.  These are being depleted now, but they are not infinite.  Like any natural resource they need to be preserved.



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