The Rain in Spain, Apparently, Doesn’t Fall on the Plain At All

Water scarcity is a world wide problem. Time to act now before a crisis hits and drastic action is taken.

Waterless World

From The Olive Press

The worst drought in 150 years is threatening eastern and southern Spain. Huge storms have been buffeting the Atlantic coast, but the last eight months have been brutally dry inland, ruining harvests and putting farmers out of business.

Valencia and Alicante are among the worst hit areas, where rainfall has been down to just 25% of average levels, according to meteorological agency Aemet.

Ana Casals, a spokesperson for Aemet, said that rainfall has not been this low since records began 150 years ago.

TV meteorologist Jose Antonio Maldonado added: “We have never seen such a long and intense drought. Even during the second worst period of drought on record, there was twice as much rain as there is now.”

The average capacity of reservoirs in Andalucia is between 74 and 90%, but current levels are significantly lower – in Juzcar, in Malaga, it was down to…

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