#IceBucketChallenge Exposes #WaterScarcity Realities

I’m all for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge.  Well, I’m all for raising money to combat the terrible disease known as ALS.  But now the Ice Bucket Challenge should also be raising awareness of the water crisis we all face now, particularly in a small town in Scotland:

The water supply to the Inner Hebridean island, with a population of around 135 people was automatically switched off at least five times over the weekend after more than 100 residents took the ice plunge over their heads. The water supply had to be manually switched back on again to allow its residents access to H20.

Water is a natural resource with a limited end.  We all need to figure out how to manage it.  This type of problem isn’t just in small town in Scotland though.  We have seen these crises pop up in Toledo and California lately.  We all need water.  We all need to preserve it.


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