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Water Unsafe in Toledo

The residents of Toledo, Ohio are under a “do not drink” advisory given an elevated level of toxins found in their drinking water.  According to The Blade newspaper,

Chemists testing water at Collins Park plant found two sample readings for microcystin that exceeded the recommended “do not drink” standard of one microgram per liter standard.

This is simply a short term problem, most likely, but it underscores the reliance on water we all have.  Many in Toledo, immediately felt the effects:

Toledo Public Schools today canceled all practices and school-related activities because of the water advisory. The Toledo Zoo and all branches of the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library System are closed today, too. The library‘‍s Rooftop Bash has been rescheduled for Aug. 9.

Before 8 a.m., grocery and convenience stores across the area were out of water. Some residents were driving deep into Michigan in search of bottled water.

About 30 people waited outside Walt Churchill’s market in Perrysburg a half hour before the store opened at 7 a.m. to buy bottled water.

Cathrine Sancrant, an employee at Kroger at 4533 Monroe St. in West Toledo, said that store had run out of bottled water by 3:30 a.m.

“It got really busy about a half-hour after the city put out the notice,” she said. “Ever since then, it’s been nonstop at all six self-checkout stations we have going.”

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US West is Losing Aquifer

In Inevitable, the near future country is dealing with a problem in which the arid west has been lost due to a lack of water.  I wrote about this because it is a present day challenge.

The Weather Channel has produced NASA imagery literally showing the land drying up above an aquifer.  

Thanks in part to all of the stunning imagery coming out of the drought-plagued West, it’s easy to see the rapid decline of the region’s water supply in motion. But according to a new study from scientists at NASA and the University of California, Irvine, the loss of water you can’t see is actually happening at a much more rapid and dire pace than that of the water you can see, leading scientists to declare that the West’s water supply may be under threat.

The study found that over the last 10 years, 75 percent of all water loss — some 41 million acre feet of freshwater — in the Colorado River Basin came from vital underground groundwater resources. And that’s important, because as NASA notes, the Colorado River provides 40 million people in seven states in the southwestern United States with drinking water.

It might not be Inevitable yet, but it may be soon…

Water Shortage is Real

Inevitable is a story about a government reaction to a water shortage problem.  More detailed, a failure to act responsibly with years of warning leads to a crisis that the US government over-reacts to.  

This blog will mostly detail how this is a real problem, which is being ignored.

Today, two new studies suggest we will be out of water by 2040 throughout the world.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 7:53 – Two separate studies and three years of research suggest there won’t be enough water to hydrate the Earth’s population while sustaining current energy and power solutions by the time 2040 rolls around, according to a press release issued Tuesday by Denmark’s Aarhaus University.


I’m sure we’ll have more on this soon.  

When the crisis hits, there will be only one decision left to make.