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#RubbleBucketChallenge? “Why?” You say…

We previously mentioned how the Ice Bucket Challenge was raising awareness of water scarcity issues.  However, we can add a great attempt to do the same.  Check out the RubbleBucketChallenge brought to you on Facebook by a poster in Gaza:

In Gaza we don’t have water and when we have water, we can’t make it ice since the electricity is off most of the time. So my cousin Hafiz, My nephew Khalid and I used remains of a destroyed house to participate in this challenge.. I am not nominating anyone for this challenge but I am asking you all to show solidarity with Palestinians and to participate in this challenge..
Thank you in advance

Gaza is just one of many locations dealing with a water crisis.  War is enough to put any country in this position, with drastic effects on its citizens.

I wrote Inevitable to raise awareness of this problem, but this Facebook post may do more than any book I could write.