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Your world’s water supply is reaching its finite end. Aquifers are drying, and water is being divided between production of food, medicine, and agriculture. When America found itself on the brink of Malthusian catastrophe, population control was installed for the greatest good for the greatest possible number of people.

For Benjamin Zachary the country did only what was necessary. As any other twenty-one year old, Ben expects to receive his Fairness In Nature And Life Act (FINAL) letter from The Office of Population Management. But he grows suspicious and nervous when he fails to receive his letter within weeks after his birthday.

Ben soon learns that his fears are well-founded as he is being accused of a crime he did not commit for a second time – this time by The Office, itself. He is wanted for immediate trial by Panel Hearing. Ben struggles to face his own death, knowing that he has little chance of defeating The Office at its own game. He has no lawyer to represent him, no knowledge of the rules of the hearing process, and he finds that the Panel that is going to decide his fate is hand-picked by his adversary, Office Director Dante Ringer. His only hope is his friend, Patricia Mullins, whose cold acknowledgment of The Office’s necessity juxtaposed with her feelings for Ben, twist her into conflicting directions. As Ben and Patricia fight to overcome The Office’s powerful organization, they learn the only way out for Ben is at the expense of others.

Up against a nearly unlimited government agency created to deal with a dramatic environmental crisis, Ben and Patricia fight against the Inevitable.



Latest #Review of Inevitable Alerts Blogger to #WaterScarcity Problem

Inevitable has gotten another positive review, this time from blogger Alison Baxter of Baxter’s Book Nook.

While reading Nace’s book, I admired his ability to create a dystopian society that, scary as it is to think about, seems realistic. Obviously one hopes that nothing like the circumstances of Inevitable come to pass in the real world, but the most successful dystopian societies created in books are ones where the reader is able to sit back and think “that could actually happen.” Also, where Nace’s writing really shines in the book is in discussion of laws and the balancing of government. I was actually prompted to think about situations in today’s government and society that seem similar to those in Inevitable.

* * *

I finished the book in less than 48 hours, so that has to tell you something. I definitely would recommend this book to others!

Glad you liked it Alison!  Hopefully you are also aware of the real life water scarcity issues the world faces now too.  So, what is the answer to this problem?

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More Reviews of Inevitable

More positive reviews for Inevitable keep coming.  Pick up your copy at the Kindle store by clicking here or here for mobile site.

I could not put this story down. The premise is realistic and plausible. The characters are well drawn with good dynamics between them. The plot line has a good flow that is easy to read and follow. Lots of action and suspense. We make decisions that we feel are right at the time. But then later, there comes a time when things need to be changed. I received this from the author for an honest review. No compensation involved. Outstanding!!! Will recommend to any and all.

And another:

This was an intellectually amazing book. It makes you stop and think about real-world problems rather than the monopoly of dystopian challenges.


It was a very interesting read with an economic spin on it.


The author does a beautiful job of writing the story. You don’t know how many potentially great books I’ve read that were only dismal because of the writing or grammar. The characters and story was relatable, and that is not easy to do. Having relatable characters and a relatable story are probably on entirely different galaxies. Anyone can make a relatable character, but the feeling of connecting with the story itself is not something I come across often.


So, kudos to you, Mr. Nace. You’ve imposed the near impossible as approachable and given it a stability that others can relate to while also creating witty, fun characters.


Latest Reviews

Check out some of the latest reviews for Inevitable on Amazon.  A few highlights:

Nace lays out a novel in bookend fashion, showing the novel’s time past and future situations (briefly at the beginning and the end). The action, which occurs during our future, describes what could be lush & technologically appealing society.


Again, I was forced to wonder even beyond the conflict at the forefront: would I thrive here or despise it? Amendment 33: this would counteract, replace, or override Amendment 1 (and so many others)? Why bother with a Constitution?


Thank you for a disturbingly thrilling ride.


This is a real page-turner. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next. The main characters are all very likable, the story is believable, and it is very well written.